Inspiration board

It’s been my dream to start a successful small business, and I am hoping to make that dream a reality in the near future. I know it may not be an easy task and I’ll face a lot of road blocks along the way. I enjoy a challenge and would like to work from home, creating and designing things I love! My background is in the health field, and am therefore trying to learn all about business on my own.

I have began reading The New Business Road Test by John W. Mullins, and am working on a step by step guide to starting your own business. I have been able to do a lot of research online. I think I have a couple of unique ideas for baby products (a baby bag, clothing). I thought I would blog about my progress as I go…

I recently came across the idea of making an inspiration board on a site made by Tori Spelling, and thought I could use some inspiration for my future endeavor. Take a look!

I am looking for inspiration for material. I am loving orange and turquoise paired together, anything inspired by the beach…

Clockwise from the top:

Beach inspired designs by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations (hwtm) for a beach party, invitations designed by Le Partie Sugar (hwtm) for a roof top wine party, purse in yellow and gray by Handmadetherapy for Etsy, purse by Desiderium for Etsy, white washed candle holders from Pier 1.


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