Looking ahead… 2012

Taking a little time to revisit resolutions made in 2011, these are some goals I met and some I will try to achieve in the new year…

After having my baby in April of 2011, I fully planned on getting back into shape. I enjoy the many perks that come with an active life. More energy, a sense of inner peace with yoga & meditation, feeling like you have accomplished something after a run. The months post baby seemed to fly by, and I still was not exercising the way I had envisioned I would.

What have I learned? Re-igniting an unfulfilled goal does not indicate a failure. Stay determined and carry on. What else is a new year with all new possibilities for?

Another thing to keep in mind, look at the bigger picture. Having a baby, becoming a new mom and keeping my relationship strong with my husband & my family back home are definitely highlights of 2011 for me!

Happily welcoming 2012, I created new goals and it goes something like this… Be happier. Excercise. Run. Yoga. Make time for family. Create memories with my husband & baby. Hike. Finish projects. Blog. Back to work (part-time). Turn my ideas for a small business into a reality. Travel. Give back.

Looking for resolution ideas or information on yoga & running? Try Lululemon (a company I love).



2 thoughts on “Looking ahead… 2012

  1. Congratulations on the new baby! I am also setting goals for myself in 2012. I have kept to my diet since new years and I want to start working out. It’s too cold to go for a run and I am not too keen on gyms. I love yoga but I feel as if it won’t help me lose the weight I hope to lose…

    • Thanks! I need to get back on track, and would love to try yoga again. I’m lucky to have a treadmill & like colder climates for running. I need to take baby steps… take my vitamins, drink more water. Good luck with your goals!

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