Adventures in Las Vegas

Whether you are a local or just here visiting, Las Vegas can offer mom & baby plenty of things to experience during the “winter” season (I am from Canada where winter is undeniably cold). None the less, here are a few of my favorite places to visit and things to do…

M&M’s World

Four stories of M&M chocolate. Located near the MGM hotel, this store offers anything you could imagine with the M&M logo on it. From pillows to onesies for your baby. One entire wall is dedicated to displaying the colorful chocolates. A fun place to go, however it can be busy and expensive. Admittedly, I have never gone since having a baby. If any moms have tried this let me know!

Fashion Show Mall

Where else can you let your child “make” a bear, stroll around a fine art gallery filled with works from Picasso and my favorite Salvador Dali, and buy handmade chocolate! Jason and I let baby Tommy choose a bear to make (being his own little person, he went with a brown dog) at the Build-a-Bear. The Centaur Sculpture Galleries has staff on hand who are passionate, educated and love to share interesting bits of art history with you. At Ethel M Chocolates every chocolate is made with “100 percent pure chocolate passion.” Their chocolatiers whip up batches of the handmade, preservative free chocolate in their factory located in the neighboring city of Henderson. They also host chocolate factory tours Monday through Thursday… definitely on my to-do list.

Silverton Hotel & Casino

Okay, it doesn’t sound like the first place to take a baby… the hotel houses a beautiful 117,000 gallon salt water aquarium. My baby really loved this!

You can start thinking about your summer adventures, while checking out fun camping and hiking gear. And top off your outing with chocolate pancakes at the Sundance Grill (Jadyn appeared to recommend these).

Fun for older children…

Red Rock Lanes

Red Rock Lanes within the beautiful Red Rock Resort, bowl in style in their VIP lanes.

Flip N Out

A spacious warehouse… with wall to wall trampolines! I had the chance to go to Flip N Out for Jadyn’s soccer party, they have rooms you can rent for parties.


A large arcade next to M&M’s World on the strip.

*Photos enhanced with the Instagram App


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