DIY lantern light

Luckily, our first experience flying with a baby was a relaxing one. I came very prepared, snacks and favorite stuffed animal in hand. I would never have dreamt he would sleep for the majority of our trip! The trip back to Canada was a whirlwind. I had a blast seeing my family, hometown and we even caught a snowfall!

DIY lantern light:

My sister has a beautiful sense of style, and I loved her idea of using a paper lantern as an indoor light fixture. A nice way to change things up, only $9 from Pier 1. Simply remove the old light fixture, and install a crisp white lantern! I imagine a couple of brackets from your local hardware store would easily hold the lantern up. Love the glowing light these give off…

Tile home decor:

This vintage looking tin tile is a lovely accent piece… It reminds me of thrift store shopping with my mom. She owned an antique store when I was a child, and since then I have always loved a good find.


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