Inspiration & resources

I am still working on starting a small, home-based business. Months have gone by since the initial spark of a new idea and the decision to turn idea into reality. Where am I at? I’m still in the planning phase… with a lot of research ahead of me. Here are some resources I have utilized along the way.

Resources for launching a small business:

The Entrepreneur magazine and their site have a variety of articles, videos and resources for small business startup. They cover a wide range of info from writing your business plan, to strategies for naming your business.

The Unstuck app helps you pinpoint a stuck moment and provides tools to help you get unstuck. According to the app, I have “fuzzy forecaster” moments like Billy Beane (Brad Pitt’s character in Moneyball) and Diana Ross. They recommend thinking in a new way to imagine success. “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” Mark Twain. I can do this by making a gallery of images to inspire my plan… I had a feeling Pinterest would pop up somewhere on this post.

Etsy is a great resource if you are looking to sell or buy all things handmade.  I found some amazing graphic designers who are willing to make attractive logos, business cards, even build up your business site or blog around your own ideas.

Spoonflower is an online store where you can design and purchase fabric. I ordered a sample booklet of swatches the other week, and am excited about looking into organic cottons, bamboo & hemp cotton materials!


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