Safari inspired decorations & DIY dessert stands

In only 1 months time, my little boy will be turning one! I would love for him to stay small, however I want my baby boy to become stronger and more independent as well. He is definitely his own little person… charming like dad, with a slightly sarcastic sense of humor. Of course I love everything about him, and have been thinking about his 1st birthday for months!

I was inspired by a post by New Mamma Diaries about a Pottery Barn inspired garland. The “explore” theme fit right into my ideas for a safari animal party. Love the low-key style. See here for the original from Pottery Barn. I made mine using orange & turquoise, with safari animal cut outs. Take a look…

A dessert table would not be complete without a few cupcake/ dessert stands. DIY your own by gluing wood candle holders to a couple of flat pieces of wood, and spray paint with your color of choice! I picked a shade of blue. The lovely photo on top is from the Hostess with the Mostess.


11 thoughts on “Safari inspired decorations & DIY dessert stands

  1. Your garland came out so COOL!! I love that it can be switched out in so many ways depending on the theme/color of your choice (loved that you added the circles too…)

    I am liking the orange letters on your garland, and the turquoise candlesticks. Glad to have inspired something and partially contributed to your son’s first birthday party…he’s adorable!

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  3. The banner turned out great! Love it!! The orange/blue makes everything pop so much. What did you use to cut out the animals?

      • oh you are super resourceful. that’s a great way to do it!! I’ll have to try it sometime. and I’d love to do a banner with a non traditional shape too. Banners are so much fun, most of mine have been pennants and then a few circle ones.

  4. You are so creative! You did so well and Happy First Year of being a Mum. I remember when my little boy turned one. It had been a great year but also quite hard adjusting to motherhood so I was quite stoked when he turned one. I also remember now that he wasn’t sleeping and was waking up 4 times a night back then and shortly after his birthday we went off to Karitane and had some good sleep after that. He has recently turned 9 and we also have a 7 year old daughter. Time flies. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. Best wishes, Rowena

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