Turning one in Las Vegas

Over the weekend my baby boy turned one! I feel so lucky to have had this amazing little person in my life for the past year. Jason, I, and the children celebrated with buttercream cupcakes and a triple A baseball game. The cupcakes came from Retro Bakery… a trendy shop offering yummy buttercream cupcakes and cakes. Try a traditional flavor like vanilla loves vanilla or chocolate loves vanilla (love the names) or a not so traditional maple bacon or coffee & donuts cupcake. They also deliver to the strip, perfect for a wedding or party. Tommy tried a little of the happy birthday flavor after mom and dad took many photos!

Later in the evening, “happy first birthday Tommy” lite up the starry, desert night sky. Cashman field hosts the Las Vegas 51’s, the triple A affiliate team to the Toronto Blue Jays (Canadian team… funny coincidence). Cosmo the alien mascot is entertaining, and there are often giveaways for coming to the game. A dazzling fireworks show ended our memorable birthday weekend. Looking forward to celebrating this milestone with family on Saturday.


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