Tea haven

During a stroll through Fashion Show Mall, I fell in love (again) with a store named Teavana. The quaint tea haven is home to every tea imaginable, not to mention an impressive array of tea accessories… Spoons pre-dipped in honey, glass tea kettles that show off glimpses of rolling waves and blooming teas, zen inspired Buddha statues and coffee table books, and Japanese cast iron tea sets.

You can sample teas being brewed (I sipped the White Ayurvedic Chai and the Peach Momotaro Artisan Blooming Tea, both amazing). The ambience and feel to this store is calm, beautiful and will inspire all sense (teas have lovely scents). Tea is perfect for a little caffeine kick and may make a thoughtful gift…

More teaspiration: 1. Baby blue miniature tea cup necklace – Little Cup of Spring – tea jewelry, Love Your Bling (listed on Etsy) 2. Old Havana mug, Anthropologie 3. Tea cup lighting by Greg Bonasera, Apartment Therapy


2 thoughts on “Tea haven

  1. I drool when I walk by this store…unfortunately, my hubby has been with me each time I’ve spotted one and I haven’t covertly been able to buy out their inventory. So many nice things!

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