DIY grapefruit body scrub

This DIY post has been on my to do list all summer long. Try this to achieve exfoliated, glowing skin. Love to use pre + post beach, and any time your skin or senses (thanks to the citrus) need a pick-me-up. I adore the grapefruit scent and simplicity of this DIY body scrub.

Grapefruit body scrub:

1 cup sea salt

1/4 cup of almond oil (or coconut, vegetable, olive)

1/2 tsp grapefruit juice

1/2 tsp grapefruit zest

1. Mix sea salt and oil (add a small amount of oil at a time until you reach the desired consistency).

2. Mix in grapefruit zest.

3. Slowly drizzle in grapefruit juice.

4. Mix well and store in an air tight container. Stir before using.

Imagine all the possibilities? The addition of an essential oil could change things up nicely.



The Scented Nest carries an amazing selection of pure essential oils.

Try brown sugar in place of sea salt for a “warmed” up version of this body scrub. GRAPEFRUIT + BROWN SUGAR… Lovely for winter.

I would love to try different citrus fruits!


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