Displaying artwork

Since school has started back up, I have the duty of sorting through the children’s school work. I have learned to keep the art, creative stories, etc. Currently all of Jacob & Jadyn’s work is being stored in a plastic container in the garage… boring. With Tommy making scribbles too, I aim to try one of these stylish ways to hold on to their masterpieces this year.

1. Love this DIY idea found on Kiki’s List, photo from Jan Eleni Interiors.

2. The Artkive app lets you store & buy a coffee table book w/ all of your children’s art. Found on Daily Candy.

3. I love the look of this DIY art display from Lolly Jane.

4. Apartment Therapy has a unique way for hanging children’s art…

My favorite idea is the first one!


2 thoughts on “Displaying artwork

  1. Nice post. I have quite a lot of my kids’ art displayed in my house–to encourage them of course, but if displayed well, it can really provide unique decor pieces in the process of decorating one’s home. Canadian House & Home once pointed out that it’s better to have a unique piece of art, even a child’s, than to get a mass-produced and “cheap” item just to hang something, and I would generally agree with that.

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