DIY baby Plankton costume

Halloween is only days away! We are ready to have some fun, eat too much candy and be spooked. Last year for Halloween Tommy dressed up as “Plankton” from Spongebob. He was just 6 and a half months of age at the time. I made the costume with felt, pipe cleaners and fabric…

I printed a large picture of Plankton’s face and then cut each piece separately. Then placed each on the colored felt (black, yellow, white, pink and red) and cut away. Pipe cleaners and green fabric attached to a hat finished this costume. I thought this costume was fitting since we enjoy the twisted humor of Spongebob, and often have the show on during the weekends.

Hope everyone is set for Halloween!

Check out some spooky inspiration for this October 31st:

Love this idea for a DIY owl costume made from scraps of fabric and a pair of sunglasses… from Alpha Mom.

Pumpkin brownies by Cookies and Cups.

A simple way to get into the spirit without dressing up. Candy corn inspired manicure from the Beauty Department.


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