A couple of weekends ago, my parents flew down to Las Vegas for a visit. I always have a fun time seeing my parents since they enjoy many of the same things as my husband and myself. Tommy loved showing Nana his car collection and asking “what’s that?” again and again, learning some golf and reading stories to his Dedo. My dad showed up in a hat that reminded me of one I bought for my little boy a year ago. I thought a cool, tilted hat would be fitting for his first trip to the strip (Jason and I took him to the Bellagio last year for the fall exhibit)…

He loves cars. I find small cars everywhere, and it makes me smile. He drives them on any and every surface in our home. I fell for this idea on Pinterest…

My dad built a similar version of the race track. I need to finish with some sanding and the painting. I know he will love it (will post about this project soon…)!

Check out some other car decor for a boy’s room…

I would love to make these shelves for a future car collection, design found on Houzz.

I really love this idea of framing vintage toy cars against a white background & frame. DIY project from Cozy. Cottage. Cute.

This play city looks fun… From Swoon.


4 thoughts on “Cars

  1. Love all these ideas! thanks for sharing, I am thinking of “updating” by one year old boy’s room very soon (from a nursery to a toddler’s room) 🙂 (your son is so cute with his hat)

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