Have you taken a look at Reindeer cam? Tommy and Jadyn both enjoy seeing the reindeer and Santa himself come out of the red barn to feed his trusty reindeer. Surely Santa is preparing them for their long journey, guiding the infamous sleigh this Christmas. Tommy has been greeting the reindeer with a wave and imitates Santa with his very own “ho ho ho.” This site can definitely hold a toddlers attention. So, great fun in my book.

We are trying our hardest to do one Christmasy thing every day this month. Not always an easy feat. Most of our days so far have involved a holiday movie (Miracle on 34th Street, the original), a mug of hot cocoa (find the perfect homemade recipe here), or at the very least… a little gift wrapping.

I like the way this gift packaging looks. Simple and pretty. Trader Joe gift wrap from A Creative Mint

Trader Joe wrap

Happy December!


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