Soul surfer

Last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to listen to Bethany Hamilton speak of her experiences both on and off the surf board. If you don’t know her story, check out Soul Surfer (which is now also a book). Her message was simple… be positive, have faith and passion.

Her non-profit organization, Friends of Bethany, helps amputees worldwide and aims to raise 20,000 to help the victims of Boston. This particular project, named Restoring Hope Boston, also provides personal encouragement from Bethany’s family and friends, as well as gifts from Hawaii (the non-profit is based out of Princeville, Kauai… a place close to my heart since Jason and I honeymooned in Princeville!).

If you are looking for a way to help restore hope in Boston, do check out the link above!

Seeing Bethany Hamilton with her laid back beach attitude, talking about Hawaii, really made me miss the beach! Here is a little beach inspiration in case you miss the sand & sun too…


Quote from A Beach Cottage.


Sand bowls by Leetal Rivlin from Design Boom.


Beach party (love the burlap & large printed cushions) from Made With Lof.


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