DIY letters


Letter placed on a white frame with fabric background… from Chic & Cheap Nursery.


Blue and white chevron, found on Etsy from Bless Her Heart Designs.


Love the look of this oversized letter, by Norskeinteriorblogger.


All covered in moss. DIY found on Ruffled.


Washi tape… the Baby List Blog.


Same letter, different shape/color… discovered on Pinterest.


Washi tape accent (my favorite). From The Love Nerds.


Letter cake toppers from Etsy seller Old New Again.

There are endless possibilities. Letters made from vintage maps from favorite destinations, spelling out entire words or phrases, or framing the entire alphabet (check out Celebrations At Home)! Love it.


3 thoughts on “DIY letters

  1. I’m actually just having an inspiration crisis on how to decorate a letter that I want to hand in my daughter’s room. Thank you for the great ideas! Lovely ideas always help

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