Earth to Mom: Organic Baby Accessories

I’m thrilled to share with everyone what I have been working on… “EARTH TO MOM,” an organic, affordable, eco-friendly line of baby accessories! Becoming a new mama is truly an eye-opening experience. After several months of planning, the result is a natural line of baby accessories (baby bath accessories) inspired by my own baby and experiences as a nurse. The organic baby towel (patent pending) helps baby stay warm & dry top to bottom. With my husband and family’s support, I plan to make this endeavor a success! Cheers to celebrating life & making your own opportunity! Launching soon…

Organic Cotton Baby Towel

Made for newborn through baby’s first year.

100% organic cotton, soft & absorbent, perfect for drying and keeping baby warm.

Unique shape “swaddles” baby to keep in heat and help baby stay comfortable.

Smart design enables mom or dad to lotion, change & dress baby top or bottom, ensuring the other half of baby stays warm and dry!

Modern print for a modern parent!


Designed by a mom, with her baby and his world in mind.

Organic Washcloth Set

absorbent & soft for baby’s delicate skin.


Organic Baby Body Bar

Handmade from an organic shea butter base. Gently washes baby head to toe.

Available in unscented and Lavender + Orange.

Pure essential oils of Lavender + Orange are made from all natural plant materials (Phthalate free) and blended together into one amazing baby body bar!

Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties. It has long been used to help baby sleep better, when used as part of their night-time routine.

Orange is refreshing & uplifting, and fabulous for soothing the mind & body. The sweet and citrus scent may also help colic in babies.


4 thoughts on “Earth to Mom: Organic Baby Accessories

    • I am still loving the idea of baby organic bath accessories, and am looking for ways to work on it and develop it further… thank you for the encouragement!!

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